Custom icons update

All the older themes with Blue_ray icons are updated with over 60 new 3rd party app and system folder icon. New icons are by Blue_ray & Travis and some by me. The update concerns following themes custom icon versions, which can be downloaded at the Gallery:


8 Comments to “Custom icons update”

  • hello you can have the effect of Blue-Sheen theme with black wallpaper?. Thank you very much

  • Sorry, if you add icons for Opera, Brightlight, eBuddy would be perfect. Thank you and sorry for bothering.

    Sorry about my English, I’m argentine :)

  • @victor
    It’s ok, you’re not bothering :) The black wallpaper version shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll add it on the gallery probably within couple of days.
    Those icons unfortunately aren’t that easy, at least the Opera icon need some sort of phone hacking if you want to change it. For those others I don’t have the necessary icon UIDs, but if I find them, (or you can provide them?) I probably can add them in the future…

  • Hallo, i’ m using your themes blue sheen on black and i think that ‘s the most beutiful in the world, only now after firm 40 on nokia 5800 miss the transparence on the home screen, do you think is possible to fix the problem like you did on west route themes?
    Sorry for my bad english and thank u very much for your great job!

    • @federico
      Yes, I will fix it at some point. :) But I have multiple projects going on at the moment, so I can’t promise exactly when…

  • Thank u very much for your quick answer, i will check every day on your web site!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is it possible that you could put the dial pad with the letters on all the themes? thx in advance

  • @Juanlo
    I think it wouldn’t work with all my themes, but I can take a look if it’s possible to add them for some of them…

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